Flat Rate Divorce vs Hourly Lawyers

If you are experiencing a divorce or about to go through one, the process can be difficult on all parties involved. Finding a lawyer may feel like an overwhelming experience, especially if you don’t know what to expect. At Sally Mills Topping, our experts in family law can help you through your divorce process. When it comes to finding a lawyer, one thing you will have to choose between is finding a flat rate divorce lawyer or one that charges hourly. Keep reading to learn more about the difference between the two and contact us today to get a consultation!

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Hourly Divorce

When you work with an hourly divorce lawyer, you will be paying for every minute that your divorce lawyer works on your case. Oftentimes, divorces can cost both parties a lot of money and time, especially when you work with an hourly divorce lawyer.

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Flat Rate Divorce

When you work with a flat rate divorce lawyer, you only pay one fixed fee. With a flat rate divorce lawyer, you know exactly what to expect financially. At Sally Mills Topping, we provide flat rate divorce services so that you know exactly what to expect! Our team will work with you and let you know what your rate will be based on your specific needs.

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How to Choose

If you are not sure which option is right for your situation, our team of family divorce lawyers can work with you through a consultation so that you can be in the know of what to financially expect from us. We understand that divorces can be costley and helping you get through the process with an affordable divorce is our highest priority!

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Choose Sally Mills Topping

At Sally Mills Topping, you can find an affordable and fast divorce through our family law attorneys. No matter what kind of situation you may be in, our team will work with you to get you through the process as easily and quickly as possible.

Let Sally Mills Help

While divorces can be time consuming and financially costly, our team of family law attorneys can provide you with a flat rate divorce to help you get an affordable and fast divorce. Contact our team today to schedule your consultation so that we can get started on the process!