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Sally Mills Topping

Meet Sally Mills Topping

Sally Mills Topping began practicing law in 1984. Since then, Sally has worked for both large law firms and private practices, with 23 years of experience in private practice. Now, Sally has opened her own law firm where she aims to assist couples and families in Saint Louis.

Sally Mills Topping decided to open her own practice as a way to help people who could not afford a per-hour attorney for divorce proceedings. In most cases, divorce can be extremely time-consuming, stressful, and can often cost a lot of money, even if the couple decides to split amicably. For this reason, Sally Mills Topping decided to offer flat-rate divorce services. With this unique service, you can pay a flat rate of $1,800 and Sally will provide you with the divorce services you need in a timely manner. This is a great option for couples who want to part ways peacefully without going back and forth and would like to complete the process without going bankrupt.

In addition to her flat-rate divorce services, Sally Mills Topping also offers a variety of other family law services, including child custody, modifications to child custody, and paternity. Her goal is to provide compassionate, caring, and effective services to those who need them most.

If you live in Saint Louis or the surrounding areas, and you’re in need of family law services, reach out to Sally Mills Topping today to schedule a consultation.